This National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Coordination Network (RCN) grant seeks to develop an interdisciplinary network of researchers and practitioners from 20+ US universities, national labs, nonprofit organizations, and private institutions who will coordinate their work on the overarching theme of Sustainable Cities. Our RCN’s focus is on reducing energy use, carbon emissions, and mitigating climate-risks to water supply and public health in cities. The US network will collaborate with international sustainability research networks in Australia, Europe, and Asia, and with a network of practitioners and policymakers in US and global cities. For more details, click here for the RCN website.

Our work is organized into four interlinked themes and fifth area that focuses on the opportunities to share research and educational resources through inter-disciplinary collaboration:

  • Urban Metabolism & Environmental Footprints of Cities
  • Urban Public Health, Risks, & Vulnerability
  • Urban Modeling & Infrastructure Interventions
  • People, Networks, & Behavior and Governance
  • Inter-disciplinary Research & Education on Sustainable Cities

*Header picture courtesy of Urban Health Resource Centre

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