Paper Published in Nature Climate Change

Submitted by Linda Shi, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Nature Climate Change recently published a paper proposing new areas of research on justice in climate adaptation.  The paper emerged from the memorial symposium held in honor of Professor JoAnn Carmin in December 2014. We hope you find this effort to honor JoAnn to be a helpful contribution, and look forward to continued discussion and collaboration.

Shi, Linda, Eric Chu, Isabelle Anguelovski, Alexander Aylett, Jessica Debats, Kian Goh, Todd Schenk, Karen C. Seto, David Dodman, Debra Roberts, J. Timmons Roberts & Stacy D. VanDeveer. 2016. “Roadmap towards justice in urban climate adaptation research.” Nature Climate Change 6: 131–137. Published online 27 January 2016.

A publicly-accessible blog version of the paper can be found in the Wilson Center’s New Security Beat, Adapting to Climate Change in Cities May Require a Major Rethink.

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